Friday, June 18, 2010

Charles needs help

Well, today is the day Benjamin arrives!! We're anxiously awaiting his arrival to see how Charles greet his little bother. Will he be happy, or, oh hell yes he'll be happy he's happy with every other living beast he comes in contact with..He shares every toy he finds between all the other horses that are corralled and can't got get the toys when they want then. Charles carries a 16 gallon tub around the yard and takes to every horse to play with, he'll then take it to another horse once that horse is bored with it He has a jolly ball he shares as well, but it's finally gone flat, but nobody cares, it's still something to play with..There's a small plastic trash can he carries around too..Charles is a very busy party organizer to say the least!!
At feeding time wherever he is when I open the barn door to get hay he'll come running to stick his little nose in and get a sample, kinda like a kid getting batter before the cookies are done!! I'll fill the cart with feed and he'll follow behind me grabbing samples and once everyone has their feed, Charles goes to his own feed barrel to eat just enough so the other horses had enough time to drop some on the ground and Charles will go around everywhere cleaning up their messes then he'll go back to his feeder and repeat this process until it's all gone, everywhere..
Now, do you see why Charles need Benjamin around to take some of the daily pressure off of him?