Monday, May 24, 2010

Charles doing one of his FAVORITE things!!!

:O) This is one of Charles FAVORITE things to do!!! He positions himself inside the stall of choice and just starts ROLLIN and ROLLIN!!!!!!! The dust devil (Yesssss Charles himself) you can see right in the middle of it all....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sharing at the No Name Ranch.... :O)

Well all is fair in love and food!!! Charles decided to see if DeeDee would do a little sharing on the INSIDE of her stall... :O) And DeeDee decided her food aggresive self would let Mr.Charles in for a bite!!! It was the coolest thing!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charles making himself right at HOME... :O)

"Well it has FINALLY happened!!!! Our boy is at home with us now!!!! :O) He just kicks back and takes a load off and watches TV with Dad….. Now how’s that for a relaxed Donk!!!!! We are just having so much fun with Charles and so look forward to when Benjamin can come join this crazy gang!!!!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Charles and the gang!!!!

"Did I mention yet Charles LOVES being in the house!!!! He comes in all the time and just hangs out… Here are a few pics of what the gang does!!!! PRICELESS if you ask me…."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Charles exploring!!

"Hahahaha Charles has discovered Kirby and Bella!!!! Boy they are not sure what he is or what to do with him except HIDE!!!!!! They will all be buddies one day…. :O)"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Charles setteling in... :O)

"Oh what a blast it has been spent letting Charles check out his new home.. He has decided he likes Moses and thinks he may like Bubby lol…:O) He is very inquisitive and wants to check EVERYTHING out even the camera!! He is forever coming to the back door and peeking in as if to say heyyyyy anybody gonna let me in??? Mike and him have already been going head to head and loving up on each other!!! What an awesome bond Charles is bringing to the whole ranch…:O)"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Living our dreams!!!!! :O) pusher or addict?

Okay so some might think us nuts.... Wellllll okay we ARE nuts!!!! Some of you who know us know we have many loves in our lives....:O) We are suckers for a cute face!!! Well this leads me on this next excerpt of our lives... Over a year ago Mike (as usual) came to me and said honey I just love Elijah(a donkey at the rescue ranch we volunteer at) sooooo much I want a DONKEY.... !!!!! Well once again after picking my jaw up off the floor i knew one day we WOULD have this donkey... After a longgggg search and researching everything possible on April 26th I received and email from Mike... He was forwarding me an email from Susan with Painted Promise Ranch and ohhhhhh was he excited!!!! Before I knew what was happening Susan the "Pusher" (she knows what I mean) had us Addicted!!!! We had a date set to go out and see her babies (2 lil boys we were going to have to choose from) :O( ohhh how we stressed over which one to pick.. We enlisted help from friends on facebook and work to help decide which would better fit us... lolol looking back was that not just the set up!!!! My sister in-law Jill was just happening to be coming down the weekend of May 1st so she was going to go with us to look.... Saturday we all got up got ready and off we went... We had decided we would let the lil boy CHOOSE us...ummmm yeah right....:O) Well those that know us already know the outcome!!! Yesssssss we chose BOTH!!! Another best day of our lives!!! Susan was awesome and brought Charles to us once we decided... Susan to you THANKS a MILLION!!! We will be able to get Benjamin mid to end of June.. We are soooo excited to get him home!!! But in the meantime we will share our journey with Charles as it unfolds!!!! :O) and it is unfolding beautifully!!!!!! Here are a few when we went to see them and a few of Charles FIRST day with us....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Life and Times of No Name Ranch

Coming soon!!!!! Benjamin... :O)
Our baby boy Charles!!!! What a lover!!!

Oreo.... Yes like the cookie!!!
Jerry... lol sticking out his tongue!
Pepper... The Gentleman of the bunch!
Kirby & Bella... The prince and Princess.. :O)
Moses... Our Hippie dog :O) Cant we all get along!!
Peanut aka Willy aka Bubby aka BANDIT!!!!!
Earnhardt.... The Intimidator!!!!!

Earnhardt....... Strutting his stuff!!!
Par-T at Midnight...... The mischievous one!!!
Dee Dee..... We swear we had a donkey here!!
Dee Dee ... The Apple of Mikes eye!!!!

Our no name ranch (as we are at a stand still on names for now) consists of My soul mate Mike, Our son & daughter in-law Jessie & Tosh, our 4 horses Dee Dee my husbands Spotted Draft Mare, Earnhardt my Paint Quarter Horse, Par-T our kids Yearling Arabian Quarter mix, Pepper my brother & sister in-laws Missouri Fox Trotter, 2 goats Jerry & Oreo, 2 dog Moses & Peanut, 2 cats Bella & Kirby, 2 Mini Donks Charles & (soon to be here) Benjamin, 2hamsters, OHHH and me Ruthie... :O) This is bits and pieces of our journey.....